Moving to Boston: The Ultimate Guide For An Easy Move

Moving to Boston: The Ultimate Guide For An Easy Move

Boston also recognized as the City of Champions famously known for the New England Patriots and Boston Celtics is a vibrant city within the commonwealth. If you’re considering moving, here are some helpful tips to make your move to Boston smooth and easy.

1. Figure Out Whether Your Budget Permits Life in Boston

If you want to live in Boston, life here can be expensive. According to research, the cost of living in Boston is roughly 48% above the national average, proving to be more expensive than cities such as Dallas, Miami, and Chicago. The city’s infrastructure doesn’t allow room for expansion.
There is a large influx in the cities public transport sector for new settlers. Few states beat Boston in terms of the cost of living such as New York. Nonetheless, Boston presents more job possibilities to support first-time dwellers coping with the fast life the city has to offer.

Boston Cost of Living Median Prices:

  • Housing and Utilities – The average price of purchasing a home in Boston is $717,943 while the cost of renting an apartment is $2,249 / month. Extra amenities such as energy and phone bills can cost $236.57 / month and $252.17 / month respectively.
  • Food and Grocery – Prices in Boston for everyday groceries may range. A gallon of milk can cost $2.05 whereas eggs and a loaf of bread cost roughly $1.91 and $3.52

2. Selecting the Best Area to Live Within Boston

Like life in any city around the world, different regions offer a different lifestyle. When you decide to move to Boston, bear in mind the different neighborhoods around. Depending on your preferences, there are areas best suited for you and some you should avoid in general. To help you decide, here is a list of insightful information regarding the many neighborhoods within Boston.

Most Favorable Neighborhoods To Consider:

Starting off the list, we list some of the best places you should consider moving into within Boston.
1. South Boston – It was once an Irish Catholic neighborhood. South Boston also referred to as “Southie” is now a popular hotspot bubbling with activity. Its warm friendly environment is ideal for families and young adults who aspire to live in Boston. The cost of an average two-bedroom apartment can scale between $2,300 – $2,500/month.
2. Beacon Hill- One of the most beautiful and historically rich neighborhoods, Beacon Hill is the limelight of the city. Its cobblestone paved streets and aesthetical layout of the buildings offer a refreshing sight away from the hustle and bustle of city life. An attraction to tourists and residents alike, Beacon Hill is also a shopping hub. From antique stores to modernized storefronts. You can spend hours of end indulged in shopping. Within the area are a variety of restaurants to choose from. Gaze upon the incredible scene of gaslamp illuminated stone ways while enjoying a warm dinner in the company of friends and family. On average, the cost of a two-bedroom is around $3,000/month.
3. Backbay- The societal integrity of this neighborhood consists of the wealthy. However, Backbay can be an accommodating home to those who can afford it. Expect to brush shoulders with influential families on occasion. One of the leading neighborhoods, Backbay has well-developed roads and amenities within the general community. In addition, renting a two-bedroom apartment can cost several dollars more at $3,500/month.
4. Quincy- Located within the southern part of Boston, Quincy is an oriental neighborhood with a variety of wondrous local restaurants offering Asian cuisine such as ramen, pho, noodles just to name a few. If you consider living in Boston, Quincy’s cost-effective prices will make your transition easy. On medium, you can rent a two-bedroom flat for $2,100 – $2,250/month.

Selecting the Services of a Moving Company

Thinking About Moving?

Consider searching for a reputable moving company in Boston. While it can difficult not knowing which company is ideal for you, or the issue regarding the distance from your place to Boston. It is recommended to hire the services of Boston movers within the city so as the speed up the process. Also, these companies have surveyed the city well and can determine the best routes to use to avoid traffic or how to get you to your new neighborhood with ease. This plays an integral role when it comes to moving into Boston.


With the aid of a reputable moving company in Boston, moving out doesn’t need to be a daunting task anymore. Our team of professionals at Boston Best Rate Movers provide excellent service at cost-effective rates. Come enjoy the wonders Boston has to offer.