Things You Need to Know About Boston

Things You Need to Know About Boston

When you think of the most famous landmarks in the United States, Boston, MA, might not be the first place to cross your mind. The city does not have the famous Cloud Gate sculpture like the city of Chicago or harbor the White House like Washington DC. However, this city is known for its outstanding historical landmarks with many past events, including the American Revolution. Today, the city is rich in historical significance, with several performance venues and museums. It is recognized as one of the top US cities harboring education institution with several universities and colleges. Here is a list of famous things to know about Boston as you plan to visit the city.

It is the City of 23 Distinct Neighborhoods

One of the unique things about Boston this city is the fact that it has more than just districts. The city has a total of 23 neighborhoods, each with unique cultures and personalities. The South End, Beacon Hill, and Back Bay are homes to beautiful streets composed of historical brownstones. Roslindale and Jamaica Plain offer the locals green spaces and community shops, while Allston appears to be a mini-college center. The Downtown and North End are popularly known for their historical significance, harboring attractions such as the Old State House, Paul Revere House, and Freedom Trail.

It is an Educational Hub

Most people migrate to this city, during fall because of the available learning institutions. The city has over two dozen colleges, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the renowned Harvard University. With about 140,000 students, it is possible to run into crowds of students in some areas like Fenway, Kenmore Square, and Allston. This city is also full of nightlife and affordable dining options due to the high student population. But when schools are closed, most pathways appear deserted due to the low population.

The City of Seafood

Speaking of seafood, it is known to be an ‘oyster’ city, and any visitor would want to try some. The city welcomes its people with a variety of seafood, including blackened salmon, stuffed quahogs, fish, fried clams, seared scallops, steamed lobster, baked haddock, and grilled swordfish. When you see “scrod” present on the menu, know that it was a catch of the day. Be assured that the food served in the city is usually freshly caught.

A City without happy Hour

Unlike other cities like New York, this city does not offer after-work drink or food specials. Most time-of-day deals are restricted to food between 4 pm and 6 pm. Drink specials are outlaws throughout Massachusetts, including closures on holidays and Sundays. Instead of drinks, you can find offers such as cheap bites, $1 oysters, and buy one taco get one free.

The City Boasts of a Stretching Coastline

This is the only US city with a contiguous oceanic coastline. The city’s coastline has over 34 harbor islands and a shoreline stretching over 76 kilometers that is accessible to the public on certain seasons. If you visit the city, you can walk up to 69 kilometers along the coast through the Harborwalk, which is a walkway extending through the city’s beaches and shores.

A City with Hidden Gems and Popular Attractions

It attracts visitors across the world because of its famous list of attractions. However, the most significant spot that will attract your attention is the city’s hidden gems. Stroll to the North End and grab a plate of pasta or pastry. Visit the breathtaking leafy streets and brownstones of Beacon Hill. Take a walk to the trendy neighborhoods of Cambridge and Somerville to meet new people. By visiting these sights, you are sure to return sooner or later!

Being here Means Walking a Lot

When traveling, consider packing several appropriate footwear because you will probably do a lot of walking. In the city’s Downtown, the neighborhood is compact, making it a walkable region. Although subway stations are often meters apart, waiting for a train would be more time-consuming than walking. The city’s red-brick path, the Freedom Trail, connects most of the historical sites and can be best explored by walking.

The City Does Sleep

Unlike New York City, this city always sleeps. Apart from the groceries, night clubs, and restaurants that opera 24 hours, this city always buttons up for the night. Most of the city bars close around 2 am and the last train leaves around midnight.