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5 Reasons You Should Buy a Home in Cambridge

If you are looking to move or relocate, there are thousands of possibilities all across the country to consider.

However, there may be a place for you to consider if you are interested in living in a bigger city that has a small-town feel. That is the capital of Massachusetts, Cambridge.

What makes Cambridge such a desirable place to live?

We’ll share some of the top reasons to buy a home in this city.

If you are inspired to learn more about Cambridge and potentially buy a home in Cambridge, MA, here are some things you should know before you start packing your bags.

Cambridge is Factually Interesting

With it being the capital of the state of Massachusetts, Cambridge has some unique history and particular factors that draw people to it.

Being a part of the greater Boston community is a big plus. It’s ideal if you want to live in a bigger city but don’t want the congestion of a crowded population like you may in New York or Los Angeles.

Cambridge is also home to two of the most well-known universities in the country: Harvard and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The city is relatively close to other close-knit communities in the Boston area, such as Sommerville, Watertown, and Arlington.

The population of the city itself rests comfortably just above 115,000 people with many opportunities to explore the city and what it has to offer to its inhabitants.

The city itself used to be used as a port and was once ranked with Akron, Ohio and Detroit as being a frontrunner in the industrial market.

Cambridge Attractions

Each individual city has its own attractions that help it to create its own identity.

Considering the history of the state of Massachusetts, you can guarantee that there are a plethora of historical sites to look into.

One in particular to investigate is the Longfellow House, home of the famous 19th-century poet, Henry Longfellow. But the house itself has an even more rich history beyond that. For example, it was the epicenter of George Washington’s military strategies during the Revolutionary War.

Museums also are scattered throughout the Cambridge area with different focuses from natural history to art.

There are also specific tours you can take to explore the local area, including Boston that you can do with a private guide or by yourself with a self-guided tour experience. Take a walking, biking, or boat ride tour to enjoy the fresh air!

Cambridge in Nature

If nature is something that attracts you to a location to live, Cambridge also offers plenty of parks, playgrounds, and natural experiences to explore.

With over 70 locations dedicated to parklands and playgrounds, there are plenty of places to explore and enjoy!

Charles River

Cambridge is relatively close to the Charles River, which offers plenty of opportunities for playing in the water.

Within the location, there are 6 swimming pools, multiple pathways for biking, jogging, and hiking, and sports zones for practicing your tennis swing. There is also a covered music area where you can listen to live concerts when the weather is perfect.

North Point Park

If you are looking for a more open space to enjoy the trees and breeze, another option is North Point Park.

The park is located on the North End and is located right next to the river and has amazing views of both the trees and the city skyscape.

There is a playground set for children to climb and roam around, including a small splash area for them to cool down on a hot summer day.

Other Areas

While these two may be some of the largest and most popular natural areas in the Cambridge area, there are a few other hidden gems to explore.

Those areas include the Harvard Community Garden, the Cambridge Center Roof Garden, and John F. Kennedy Park.

Community Engagement Opportunities

Cambridge’s Department of Human Service Programs works to create and manage year-round programming centered around athletics and recreation for the community. They oversee the operations of Danehy Park and the local Fresh Pond Golf Course.

They also promote different events to promote community involvement by members of the Cambridge community. Locals can intern with “Find It Cambridge”, volunteer, or get involved in activities that range from academic to athletic to musical.

Volunteering and Interning

With over 100 current opportunities to get involved in the community through Find It Cambridge, it’s easy to feel connected with the community and make a positive impact.

The program offers the opportunity to intern with different organizations within the community by assisting with programs.

Sports and Fitness

There are plenty of opportunities to stay active and participate in a variety of athletic events.

Sports sponsored by the organization include soccer, track and field, bouldering, basketball, football, cheerleading, and more.

Academic Activities

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge or learning something new, there are also opportunities that focus on education and academics.

Opportunities include tutoring, discussions, training, and more on a variety of topics.

Cambridge Day and NightLife

Cambridge offers plenty of opportunities to also explore day life and nightlife opportunities. With a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars to explore, you will be pleasantly surprised by the opportunities that are available right outside your front door.

As already mentioned, there are plenty of things you can do in Cambridge during the day, such as exploring the parks, investigating the museums, or even just taking the time to look around and view the sights.

You may have heard of Harvard Square, but there are a few other Squares that have just as many exciting opportunities to explore.

Inman Square has a hometown feel with many local businesses to support such as restaurants and coffee shops.

Porter Square is home to a local Japanese mall with other restaurants, shops, and bars.

Kendall Square has more tech-based businesses around, but there are movie theaters, a thrift store with items from the Fashion District, and plenty of local restaurants to stop and eat.

If you are a lover of sweet treats, then you may take advantage of being near Toscanini’s Ice Cream. With a longstanding tradition of making their own handmade flavors in-store, with both conventional and wacky flavors to enjoy.

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