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Fun facts about Boston Massachusetts

Due to its rich history and culture, there are many fun facts about Boston Massachusetts. The city is gorgeous and fascinating. Boston is a beautiful city in northeastern Massachusetts. Boston has both colonial and modern buildings. The city blends modernity and culture.

Many Fun Facts about Boston Massachusetts

The city synonymous with “American Spirit” gets its name from England. In similar fashion, the name Boston was chosen to honor the origins of a significant number of the city’s first founders, who came from the city of Boston in England.

First American Lighthouse

The very first lighthouse that was ever constructed in what is now known as the United States was constructed on Little Brewster Island. Even though it’s been gone for a while, the lighthouse remains. Built in 1783, it’s the second-oldest operational lighthouse in the U.S. 

boston massachusetts first lighthouse

Oldest public park

The city of Boston is home to a large stretch of green space known as Boston Common, which dates all the way back to 1634. Until now, it is still open to visitors and locals alike despite the fact that it is the oldest public park in the entire country of the United States.

boston massachusetts Boston Common


First U.S. Chocolate Factory

The very first chocolate factory in the United States was constructed in Lower Mills, part of the Dorchester district of Boston.

Boston Witch Hangings

Boston’s witch hangings in the 1600s were less well-known than Salem‘s. After over 40 years, three witches were hanged. Margaret Jones was the first woman hanged for witchcraft in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1648, followed by Anne Hibbins in 1656. Lastly, Ann “Goody” Glover was hanged in 1688. Afterward, most Salem Witch Trial hangings happened in 1692.

Charles Ponzi

Charles Ponzi is most known as the namesake of the Ponzi Scheme, a fraud operation linked with Wall Street leaders, however, Ponzi worked out of Boston. He arrived in 1903 from Italy and returned 15 years later. Soon after, he started his own ‘Ponzi scheme’ utilizing foreign stamps and became famous. Furthermore, he bought a mansion in Lexington, Massachusetts, months before being jailed after a Boston Post investigation.

Happy Hour Drink Specials

Massachusetts allows ‘Happy Hour‘ food specials, on the other hand, not drinks. Many alcohol limitations are held over from ancient Blue Laws (including nonstandard Sunday as well as, holiday closures), but the current rule limiting happy hour comes from 1984 after a drunk driving death. To conclude, Massachusetts has one of eight such bans.

Wave of Molasses

On January 15, 1919, a storage tank in Boston’s North End burst, releasing 2 million gallons of molasses onto the neighborhood. It was the worst accident in history that was related to molasses since it resulted in the deaths of more than 100 people in addition to 21 people and several horses.

boston massachusetts Wave of molasses

Shawmut Peninsula

Before 1630, Algonquian tribes (including the Massachusetts, Pawtucket, and Pokantoket) inhabited much of the region. They lived on Shawmut Peninsula. Shawmut, an Algonquian word, may indicate ‘living waters’. Even more, European settlers and diseases decimated many Native American tribes.  To sum up, the Puritans named the city Boston after Boston, England, where many European settlers came from.

First U.S. Public Beach

Who doesn’t love beach days? Boston’s Revere Beach was the first public beach in the U.S. (and, is now home to the International Sand Sculpting Festival).

boston massachusetts Revere Beach

Weather Skyscraper

Colored lights on the historic John Hancock Tower (now 200 Clarendon) give the weather prediction. Solid blue indicates a clear day, flashing blue an overcast day or impending clouds, solid red rain, as well as, flashing red snow. Likewise, flashing red denotes a rained-out Red Sox game.

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