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All local moves are based on hourly rates with 15 minutes increment charge policy and vary depending on crew size and calendar date


At Boston Best Rate Movers, we can handle any moving job from small apartments to large houses—and everything in between. No matter what size the job, we treat your belongings with the utmost care and safeguard your possessions throughout the entire moving process. It all starts with a free consultation and a move estimate, online or over the phone, based on the details of your move: moving dates, origin and destination addresses, the size of the load, the number of floors and steps involved, and whether you require interim stops.


GET 5% OFF. At Boston Best Rate Movers, we understand how hard and complex your student move can be. So we will do everything we can to assist you the best way possible in your student move. We are here to make it quick and stress free. You don’t need to worry about anything. . Student discount apply to local moves. You must present the student ID upon arrival of the movers.


Is based upon the mileage from the origin to the destination, and the cubic footage of your belongings.

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Boston Best Rate Movers is the trusted and established leader in Nationwide Long Distance Moving. Planning your Long Distance Move takes experience, knowledge and flexibility. We offer the best value and expertise you’ll find anywhere! Let us eliminate your worries, coordinate and plan your upcoming Long Distance Move! Submit a request or call us TODAY!



Your TextBoston Best Rate Movers provides temperature-controlled storage for up to 6 months. Storage rates vary based on the size of your inventory and the season. Use our moving calculator to submit us a complete inventory of furniture and boxes along with storage dates to inquire about pricing, or give us a call at (617) 787.3528. We are also happy to place your goods in a storage facility of your choice.
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In case you have to move out in one day, but are not able to move into your new residence until the next day, we offer low cost Overnight On-Truck Storage. The truck remains locked and stationary in our digitally monitored parking lot. Once you get your keys, your possessions will be safely delivered to your new apartment or home. The current overnight storage charge is $125. If more than one truck or one night is required, an additional fee of $150 per night and per truck will apply.


As a valued customer you get the pads we use to protect your furniture and the packing tape for FREE.

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Boston Best Rate Movers trains its packing teams to guarantee professional handling of all your possessions. With our white-glove service, we treat every item as though it were our own irreplaceable antique.

We use only the safest, sturdiest space-saving and cost-effective packing materials available to protect your goods. To contact our relocation specialists, use the move online request calculator. You’ll see that using our professional packing services is not only the most stress-free way to go—it’s also affordable and reliable.

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