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Boston, Massachusetts, often called the "City on a Hill," boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse neighborhoods, making it a fantastic place to call home. However, with so many areas to choose from, how do you determine which is best for you and your family?

In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you on a tour of the best parts of Boston to live in, covering historic neighborhoods, family-friendly suburbs, up-and-coming areas, student and young professional hubs, waterfront living, cultural and artistic enclaves, affordability considerations, public transportation, safety, and community lifestyle.

So, continue reading to learn what the best parts of Boston to live in are and how a professional moving company can assist you in handling all the ins and outs of moving.

Historic Neighborhoods

Beacon Hills

Beacon Hills, one of Boston's most iconic neighborhoods, is like stepping into a different era. It's a historical gem with its charming gas-lit lanterns, cobblestone streets, and well-preserved Federal-style homes. Living here means residing in a postcard-worthy setting.

Back Bay

Back Bay, characterized by its Victorian brownstones and the picturesque Commonwealth Avenue Mall, offers residents a blend of old-world charm and modern convenience. Stroll down Newbury Street for upscale shopping or relax at the serene Public Garden.

North End

Boston's "Little Italy," the North End, is a haven for food lovers. The neighborhood's narrow streets are lined with Italian bakeries, cafes, and trattorias. You can practically taste the history in every cannoli.


Charlestown, located across the Charles River from downtown Boston, is known for its rich history and evolving landscape. The historic Navy Yard contrasts with newer developments, creating a unique atmosphere.

South End

The South End is famous for its elegant brownstone-lined streets, thriving arts scene, and numerous parks. It's an LGBTQ+-friendly neighborhood with a strong sense of community.


Dorchester is one of Boston's most prominent neighborhoods, offering a diverse and dynamic living experience. It has a rich cultural heritage, celebrated through vibrant festivals and events.

Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain is a green oasis within the city. Its abundance of parks, bike paths, and the Arnold Arboretum is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. The neighborhood is also known for its local businesses and diverse community.

Family-Friendly Suburbs


Brookline, just a stone's throw from Boston, combines suburban tranquility with easy access to the city. It's renowned for its top-notch schools, beautiful parks, and a diverse community that embraces inclusivity.


Newton is another family favorite, boasting excellent schools, various housing options, and a tranquil atmosphere. It's a place where neighbors become friends.


Cambridge, home to prestigious places like Harvard Square and MIT, offers a dynamic mix of education and community living. It's a diverse and vibrant city, providing a range of cultural experiences.


Arlington combines small-town charm with city proximity. It's known for its strong school system and beautiful parks, making it an ideal spot for families.


Belmont is a quiet, residential town with highly-rated schools and a welcoming community. It's a serene escape from the city's hustle and bustle.


With its excellent schools, parks, and strong sense of civic pride, Needham offers a nurturing environment for families.


Winchester is a picturesque town with beautiful homes and a top-notch school system. It's a peaceful retreat from the city's bustle.

Up-and-Coming Areas


Roxbury is in the midst of a transformation, with new developments and a growing arts scene. It offers a more affordable option for those looking to invest in a neighborhood on the rise.

East Boston

East Boston is rapidly gaining popularity due to its waterfront location, affordability, and proximity to downtown. The revitalized waterfront area is a hub of activity.


Allston-Brighton is known for its youthful energy, thanks to its proximity to several universities. It's an up-and-coming area with a diverse population and a burgeoning restaurant scene.


Somerville has transformed into a trendy destination with its modern developments and historic charm. It's home to vibrant neighborhoods like Davis Square and Union Square.


Roslindale is an affordable gem with a strong sense of community. Its diverse population and thriving Main Street make it a neighborhood to watch.


Mattapan offers more affordable housing options while conveniently located along the Red Line. It's a culturally rich area with a growing sense of community.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park, the southernmost neighborhood of Boston, is known for its green spaces and suburban feel. It's an emerging area with affordable housing options.

Student and Young Professional Hubs


Fenway-Kenmore is a lively area known for its proximity to Fenway Park and several universities. It's a hub for students and young professionals.

Mission Hill

Mission Hill is adjacent to several colleges and medical institutions. It's a thriving, youthful neighborhood with a mix of students and professionals.

South Boston

South Boston, or "Southie," is popular among young professionals. It offers a waterfront lifestyle, a growing restaurant scene, and easy access to downtown.

Cambridge (Kendall Square)

Kendall Square in Cambridge is a tech and innovation hub, attracting young professionals seeking high-paying jobs and a dynamic lifestyle.

Seaport District

The Seaport District is a rapidly developing area with modern apartments, offices, and entertainment options. It's a trendy spot for young adults.

Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain's mix of green spaces, local businesses, and diverse community appeals to young professionals seeking a balanced lifestyle.

Waterfront Living


Living along the Boston waterfront provides stunning views and access to the Harborwalk. It's a high-end option for those who appreciate the beauty of the sea.

Seaport District

The Seaport District's modern condos and proximity to the waterfront make it a prime location for waterfront living.

East Boston (Jeffries Point)

Jeffries Point in East Boston offers waterfront living at a more affordable price point. It's a hidden gem with a close-knit community.

Charlestown (Navy Yard)

The Navy Yard in Charlestown features waterfront living with historic charm. It's a unique blend of old and new.

North End (Waterfront)

The North End's waterfront properties offer easy access to the harbor and the North End's charming streets.

Cultural and Artistic Enclaves

Jamaica Plain

Jamaica Plain's artistic community thrives with galleries, music venues, and public art installations. It's a hub for creative minds.

South End

The South End's artistic spirit is evident in its numerous galleries, theaters, and public art. It's a neighborhood that celebrates culture.

Dorchester (Fields Corner)

Fields Corner in Dorchester is an emerging cultural enclave with a growing arts scene and diverse community events.

Cambridge (Central Square)

Central Square in Cambridge is a cultural hotspot with live music, theaters, and a vibrant arts community.

Somerville (Davis Square)

Davis Square in Somerville is known for its indie spirit, with quirky shops, art spaces, and live performances.

Brookline (Coolidge Corner)

Coolidge Corner in Brookline features theaters, bookstores, and cultural events, making it a haven for arts enthusiasts.

Affordability Considerations

Cost of living in Boston

Understanding Boston's overall cost of living is crucial when assessing affordability in different neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods with affordable housing

Some neighborhoods in Boston offer more affordable housing options, but it's essential to consider other factors like commute times and amenities.

Commuting costs and accessibility

While living further from downtown may be cheaper, consider commuting costs and accessibility to public transportation.

Public Transportation and Infrastructure

Access to public transit

Evaluate the accessibility and convenience of public transportation options like the T (subway), buses, and commuter rail.

Walkability and bike-friendliness

Assess the walkability and bike-friendliness of a neighborhood to determine your transportation options.

Healthcare facilities and schools

Consider the availability of healthcare facilities and the quality of nearby schools when choosing a neighborhood.

Community and Lifestyle

Local parks and recreation

Explore the availability of local parks, green spaces, and recreational activities in each neighborhood.

Dining and entertainment options

Discover the dining and entertainment options, from local eateries to theaters and nightlife.

Community events and festivals

Learn about neighborhood events and festivals that foster a sense of community.

Find Your Boston Haven Today!

As you embark on your journey to discover the best parts of Boston to live in, remember that this city has something unique to offer everyone. From historic Boston neighborhoods to family-friendly suburbs and up-and-coming areas to bustling hubs, there's a place that perfectly suits your lifestyle and preferences.

To make your transition seamless, consider working with professional movers. Explore these neighborhoods, visit local cafes and parks, and talk to residents. Your future Boston haven awaits. So, seize the opportunity to find the place you'll proudly call home in this dynamic and historic city.

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